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Solution for low or no network are in your office and home

4Ch DVR Hybrid

DVR 4Ch Hybird

  • Features
    • Type :Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder
    • DVR or NVR Type : HD 1080p
    • Video Input : 4ch
    • Audio Input : 1 & 4 (Optional)
    • Hard Disk : 1 SATA or 2 SATA port, (Optional)
8ch DVR

DVR 8Ch Hybird

  • Features
    • Type :Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder
    • DVR or NVR Type : HD 1080p (Optional)
    • Video Input : 8ch
    • Audio Input : 1, 4 & 8 (Optional)
    • Hard Disk : 1 SATA or 2 SATA port, (Optional)
16 ch DVR

DVR 16Ch Hybird

  • Features
    • Type :Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder
    • DVR or NVR Type : HD 1080p
    • Video Input : 16ch
    • Audio Input : 1, 4,8 & 16 (Optional)
    • Hard Disk : 1 SATA, 2 SATA & 4 SATA port, (Optional)

Mobile Network Booster and Mobile Signal Booster

Benefits for Mobile Network Booster/ Mobile Signal Booster

If someone makes a call to other people, it needs to send and receive frequency from the mobile tower or a base station. Service provider does setup a frequency as per client.

Cell phone is very important in our life or you may say it is compulsory require for day-to-day life, even if it personal or official purpose. Signal repeater helps connect to the worldwide. In today’s world, it has become the first choice of communication. We can make our life easy by using this service. If you are receiving low or no network within your home or office area than you have to install it and smooth your work.

Choose right product as per your requirement

Mobile Signal Problem


Mobile Signal Booster

There are so many verities and frequency in booster as under below: –

  1. Selection of Signal Booster – There are multiple boosters in the market like 2G, 3G & 4G, Single Band, Dual Band triband and four band for all GSM. If you go with a single band, you can only use one frequency so better you should go latest technologies i.e triband or four band.
  2. Coverage Area – One indoor antenna maximum cover upto 500 sq. ft. if your area more then 500 sqft than you have to install more antennas as per requirement.
  3. Type of Booster – There are two type of series one is for domestic purpose and 2nd for commercial purpose you can choose as per your requirement for large area may be install commercial series.side picture <– (Commercial Series)
  4. Type of Antenna – There are so many types design and gain for indoor and outdoor like Omni antenna, yagi antenna, patch panel antenna, dipole, grid antenna. it comes from 3dbi to 20dbi.


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